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<p>What Is Vilafinil?<br /><br />It’s important to note that vilifinil is the generic version of modafinil, an FDA-approved medicine used to treat conditions that cause excessive daytime drowsiness and sleepiness. A popular nootropic, vilafinil is produced by Centurion Laboratories in India and may be purchased easily over the internet.</p><p>In contrast to popular belief, the FDA has stated that there is no discernible difference between generic and brand-name drugs and that they both have “identical clinical outcomes.”<br /><br />The Benefits of Vilafinil</p><p>Just like Provigil and all other brand-name and generic variants of modafinil, Vilafinil offers all of the same benefits. So, why do those who need it choose to buy Vilafinil?</p><p>It appears that price is the primary consideration. When a patient goes to the pharmacy with a prescription for modafinil, the pharmacist may let them know that they can get it at a lower cost by purchasing a generic version. . Because it is a generic drug with widespread use, Vilafinil is a cheaper alternative to Provigil.</p>