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  • WebSocket and HTTP are both communication protocols used in web applications, but they serve different purposes and have different characteristics. Here’s a comparison of websocket vs http:

<p>HTTP is a stateless protocol, which means that each request/response cycle is independent of any previous or future requests.</p><p>WebSocket is designed for full-duplex communication, enabling a persistent connection between the client and server.</p><p>HTTP follows a request-response model, where the client initiates a request, and the server responds with a single response.</p><p>WebSocket allows for bidirectional communication. The server can send data to the client at any time without the client explicitly requesting it.</p><p>HTTP requests and responses are typically structured using the HTTP protocol, which includes headers and a body (optional).</p><p>WebSocket allows for sending data in various formats, including binary data. It provides a simple message-based interface where the data can be transmitted as raw text or binary data.</p>