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<p>SOLIS in the current day, has a global name with its presence in over 150+ countries, giving a close competition to other leading companies in the automotive industry. Committed to providing a complete agrarian solution to all your farming needs, SOLIS is redefining the future of agricultural machinery, providing a broad range of products including tractors, engines, auto components, diesel gensets, etc. Their tractors come in 3 ranges- S series, which are compact, N series for narrow tracks and H series with hydrostatic transmission. All these tractors are highly durable and economical, which makes it a perfect choice for different farming activities. SOLIS curates tailor-made products for different countries, based on their agricultural practices, catering to country-specific requirements when designing the products. This has been made possible by the consistent efforts of a competent workforce of 5,500+ dedicated employees, with 400+ engineers bringing about new ideas and thus enriching the R&D.</p><p>SOLIS has now made its grand entry into the markets of Guadeloupe Islands, which is a great destination for agro-tourism. This move boosted the agricultural activity in the island, as SOLIS delivers its world-class equipment for increased agricultural production. SOLIS has also entered the southern Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is primarily an agrarian economy with over 10% of GDP coming from agriculture. Providing customized tractors for agricultural diversification and efficient farming, SOLIS is making its mark in the Caribbean market.</p><p>All of this has been made possible by the consistent and collective efforts of the people at SOLIS, who make sure that they keep coming up with new and practical solutions to solve problems faced in the agricultural sector. SOLIS has been attending world famous exhibitions, reaching out to investors, new target groups and displaying the best of their products. It would be safe to say that the road to success is never ending and SOLIS has just begun!</p><p>Here’s a quick guide on how you can choose the appropriate spare part for your compact tractor to keep it in good working order.</p><p>Know When To Replace Damaged Parts</p><p>At times, it may be very easy to figure out when your farm champion needs a new spare part; sometimes the machine can even tell you if it’s time to replace something. Signals may include a sudden drop in performance or a strange malfunction that can’t be explained otherwise. Inspecting your Agri expert on a daily basis can help you to keep tabs on any parts of your tractor that are starting to show their ageing. If you come across a situation and find a damaged part, always replace them before they become a serious problem to you as well as for others!</p><p>Keep Some Parts On-Hand</p><p>Some spare parts wear down more quickly than others, and it’s a wise choice, to have a small cache of these types of parts in your shed or garage so that you can grab them whenever you need them and get back to work sooner. Such spare parts that you may wish to keep on-hand may include:<br />– Filters for Oil, Air, Fuel, and Hydraulic Systems<br />– Spare Fuses<br />– Extra Fan Belts<br />– Additional Lynch Pins</p><p>Recognize When Help Is Needed</p><p>While you may be perfectly capable of finding the spare parts you need on your own, there may be some tricky parts that are often more obscure and challenging to locate, especially if they are no longer in production. This is where it can be helpful to have the assistance of a local dealership that specializes in genuine spare parts for your Agri professional since the staff will be knowledgeable and able to assist you in finding exactly what you need to suit your specific make and model of your Mini Tractor.</p><p>We at Solis are available for you with our solutions to prepare your next yield. Solis is not just the name of a tractor and farm implement manufacturing company, it is a name that defines the productivity and success of famers globally. In the span of merely 25 years, we have been successful in creating new benchmark of comfort. We have also covered milestones that have made us the number one</p><p>farm machinery exporter firm from India and the leading tractor brand across whole of the Europe.</p><p>Solis tractors and their work boast for themselves, across all domains of growth and success. From what used to be just a small farm machinery manufacturing company working in a single country in the late 90s to a reach of 150+ countries, with a workforce of 5500+ dedicated employees we have travelled a long way.</p><p>Our farm champions are known to be the toughest among all the tractors in the industry as these farm experts aim to deliver nothing less than exceptional results on any terrain and that too with smooth controls.</p><p>With Solis garden tractors, compact tractors, mini tractors and narrow tractors, you can take your farming ventures to a whole new level at your comfort literally!</p><p>While we are on our journey towards contributing to a better tomorrow, we have gained the trust of millions of farmers, which explains how we have become the first choice for farmers in major European countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Finland and the UK.</p>