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The GamePad resembles a tablet/controller hybrid, and its oboard touchscreen offers some novel features.
The console’s primary controller is calleed the GamePad, and it
coombines traditional controls (analog sticks, face buttons and triggers) with an embedded touchscreen and
motion sensors. Understanding how tthe Wii U works means
looking at its brand new GamePad, Nintendo’s
new eShop, its play ffor living room dominance called Nintendo TVii, and, of course,
a nnew generation of video games. But the Wii sold,
and sold, and sold thanks to games like Wii Sports and
Wii Fit, ultimately selling nearl 100 million consoles worldwide.
Onpine games, a more robust download store, soxial networking, and media center functionality are alll big features for the Wii U.
More than ever before, Nintendo hopes to capture two different audiences: the gamers who loe
big-budget franchises likie Zelda and Call of Duty, andd thhe Wii fans who were
introduced to gaming throigh Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

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