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<p><p> </p><p>When your little one enters 1-2 years of age, your little one begins to learn by imitating the attitudes and behavior of their parents. In this phase, Mama and Papa must be careful in behaving and talking. Give your little one a good example when inside or outside the house.</p><p>Also make sure that you always do some of these things when you are with your little one. Because, the longer your little one will imitate these good habits and remember them until he is an adult. Come on, let’s see Ma!</p><p>1. Make it a habit to always express affection and give praise<br />You can make it a habit for you to show affection for your little one from an early age, this has a positive impact on you and your little one. Moreover, this expression of affection that Mama did will always be remembered by them.</p><p>According to Prof. DR. dr Soedjatmiko, Sp.A (K), M.Si as the Social Development and Development Consultant of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), the role of the family is very important to form superior Indonesian children. One of them is stimulation, Mama must provide a good example to children by playing, giving love and learning to show gratitude or appreciation for the services of others.</p><p>2. Provide understanding about feelings of sadness, pleasure or anger</p><p>From an early age, your little one needs to be given an understanding and introduction about various types of emotions. Acknowledge their feelings nama nama bayi when he shows an expression. In addition, Mama can also provide an understanding of how other people feel when they are sad, happy or angry.</p><p>With this, Mama indirectly teaches your little one about fostering a sense of empathy and how to express their care with the right actions.</p><p>3. Get used to using the 4 magic words</p><p>Mama must have often heard these 4 magic words, huh; please, thank you, excuse me and sorry. If Mama often uses these words, your little one who likes to imitate will also say it and the longer it will become a good habit. This is the basis of courtesy or manners for your little one to grow up to be a great child.</p><p>You can also stimulate your child by teaching your little one to thank others around him. An example is the initiative to show gratitude to medical personnel, such as in the video clip of Bebelac and Isyana Sarasvati “Show Your Greatness #TerimaKasihPahlawanHebatku”. In the making of this video, more than 1,600 children participated and expressed their sincere gratitude to the medical heroes who fought during the pandemic. Try watching the video right away, Ma, click here!</p><p>With this video, Bebelac wants to support Mama to raise great children who are smart, brave, and kind. You can do it, Mama sure!</p><p>4. Invite children to do simple kindness together</p><p>The next thing Mama can invite your little one to do simple kindness together. For example, visiting sick people, picking up things, opening doors, giving gifts or engaging in social activities. Some of these simple activities can also foster a sense of empathy for your little one, Ma.</p><p>To practice honesty for your little one, you can start building mutual trust and respect their privacy. Honesty is also closely related to the courage to face reality, Ma. The simplest thing, Mama can tell about exemplary stories about honesty through books or videos. Even though honesty is sometimes bitter or sad, still tell your little one, Ma.<br />5. Try to speak honestly and realistically</p><p>The five points above are simple things that can stimulate your little one’s emotional intelligence, you know Ma. Let’s start implementing it! (WEB)</p><p>5. Try to speak honestly and realistically</p></p>