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<p>While I cannot provide a list of apps specifically like Gematria Calculator, I can suggest similar types of apps that may interest you for iPhone and iPad. These apps might offer features related to numerology, calculation, or other esoteric practices. Here are ten apps that you might find intriguing: Numerology Calculator & Chart: This app provides sell gaming laptops  numerology calculations, including life path numbers, expression numbers, and more.AstroMatrix Birth Chart Synastry Horoscopes: While primarily focused on astrology, this app also offers numerology features and compatibility calculations.Mystic Numbers Numerology: This app offers numerology readings and calculations based on your name and birthdate.Numerology & Horoscope: This app provides numerology readings and horoscopes, combining both practices for insights into your life.Numerology: Life Path Numbers: A straightforward app that focuses on calculating life path numbers based on your birthdate.Astrology & Numerology: This app offers horoscopes, astrology readings, and numerology insights in one place.My Astrology & Numerology: Combining astrology and numerology, this app provides personalized readings and calculations.Numerology Calculator – Name & Date of Birth: A simple app that allows you to calculate various numerology values based on your name and birthdate.MysticBoard Numerology: This app offers numerology readings and interpretations, providing insights into your personality, relationships, and life path.Numerology: Personalized Readings: An app that offers personalized numerology readings and reports, allowing you to explore the significance of numbers in your life.Please note that while these apps may offer features similar to Gematria Calculator, they may not provide the exact same functionality or focus on the same esoteric practices. Be sure to read app descriptions and reviews to find the one that best suits your needs and interests.     </p>