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      In addition to its use in certain industries, some countries throughout the world use a 24-hour time format rather than the 12-hour format that we see as standard in the U.S. The primary purpose of a Military Time chart is to create a simple link between both the military time and regular time formats. It is similar to any other conversion table that bridges two quantities on a common parameter. As per a general rule, military time lacks the time separator (dot or colon) present between the hour and minutes. In addition, the way of spelling each is different too. While military format requires saying the leading zero, regular time format has done away with it. An Army Time chart serves the purpose of converting one time format into the other that complies with the standard guidelines. Distinguishing the two diurnal repetitions of this sequence. That being said, if it is 2100 military time or “twenty-one hundred hours”, simply subtract 1200, add a colon between the hours and minutes, and attach a PM to the end. You add a PM to the end of any military time 1200 or greater. You can find a simple reference for 2100 below and additional information for each minute from 2100 – 2159 military time through an easy-to-read chart. The military time is similar to the 24-hour clock, except that there is no colon in the military time. It is pronounced as a single number without the distinction between hours and minutes. You can download your timesheets in military clock format (with or without lunch breaks).

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