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      <p>Kitchen pantry can quickly get out of hand without a good set of food storage containers<br /> <br />I love using Clear Plastic Containers with Lids in the kitchen. It took me a while to understand, but now I know there are many benefits<br /> <br />【Material Safety】Made of thick and durable food-grade PP plastic, never change the taste, and 100% BPA free. The cover is made of silicone rubber material. The material is safe and meets the standards, so you can use it with confidence, and there is no spoilage smell.<br />【Transparent and Visible】It’s easy to see when the food supply in the container is running low, if you use clear containers, you can tell when you need to restock with just a glance.<br />【Keep Items Fresh】Transferring foods to airtight containers can help them last longer and protect them from insects or other pests, keep your food fresh with our kitchen essentials, new home easy to use The Kitchen Seal Lid Lock Mechanism Canning Set. No need to deal with fragile pumps. Our airtight containers for food storage, simply press the ring on the lid to create a seal. When you want to open the container, lift the ring and push up. The seal is so secure that you can store liquids without worrying about leaks!<br /> <br />【LEAK PROOF】We tested food storage containers to make sure they are airtight and leak-proof, featuring a tight seal that snaps shut for extra protection, and also provides ventilation when not snapped on the lid when the lid is on Achieving a splash-proof effect<br />【Stackable】Containers are perfectly stackable, space-saving and neatly placed in the pantry or refrigerator.<br />【Suitable for Many Scenarios】A good food storage container makes all the difference: you can neatly refrigerate prepared meals, take healthy lunch leftovers to work, reheat, and even use some leftovers for serving Meals, daily meal preparation, lunch boxes at work, suitable for various scenes and activities, plastic itself is lighter than glass, very suitable for carrying around because they are light and strong.<br />【Microwave, Refrigerator, Dishwasher Safe】If you are looking for a container that will keep your food fresh for a long time (for example, if you are going to put food in the refrigerator for long-term storage), no problem at all, when you want to heat it up It can also be put in the microwave oven, but be careful not to put the lid in the microwave oven. The transparent pantry container used for organizing can be cleaned with a dishwasher, but not with boiling water. The lid is best hand-washed with a damp cloth.<br />【Excellent Appearance】With a beautiful lid and transparent body, the airtight food container can store kitchen accessories while allowing easy monitoring of the contents inside. The food storage containers are also stackable to make the most of vertical space for your airtight jar set on kitchen counters and food storage and organization.<br />【Satisfactory After-Sales Service】Folomie Clear Plastic Containers with Lids, provides a full satisfaction guarantee. If there is any problem with the kitchen food containers and storage containers, please contact us, we will do everything to make you satisfied. Visit https://www.folomie.com now and click “Add to Cart” to keep your food fresh and your kitchen looking organized!</p>

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