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      <p>Exercise is not just a physical movement that makes the body sweat. The reason is, there are other sports alternatives that do not need to move places but can improve mental and physical qualities, called yoga. Yoga itself is a type of exercise that originated in India.</p><p>This body and mind exercise has been known for thousands of years. The main purpose of yoga is actually far from exercise. Namely releasing the spiritual and mental power of a person. However, yoga is now very popular as a sport that can fight stress and anxiety that often plague modern society.</p><p>Practicing yoga can make a person physically fit and avoid various diseases. In addition, regularly doing yoga can help make a person’s mental, social, emotional, and spiritual better.</p><p>The practice of this body has now been adapted into various variations, both in the form of movement and its benefits. However, in general, yoga moves focus on breathing exercises, meditation, and various poses aimed at creating relaxation and reducing stress.</p><p>So do not be surprised if yoga has many benefits for the body. For more details, see the benefits of yoga for physical as well as mental health, compiled by Liputan6.com from various sources, Wednesday (13/3/2019).</p>

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