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      It supports a total of 36 ciphers covering variations of English, Reverse, Jewish, Kabbalah, Mathematical, and other gematria. You can toggle the cipher(s) you want to use and then add your input. If you loved this information and you would certainly such as to obtain more info pertaining to webpage kindly browse through our website. The calculator gives you the gematria of the input for all selected ciphers. You can click on the desired cipher from the output to get the character breakdown in that particular cipher. Along with the character breakdown, it also shows the letter-number assigned chart of the cipher. Thelemistas.org offers a free online gematria calculator for English gematria. It shows on the screen a table covering the numerical values of the alphabet as per the English Ordinal gematria. Below that, you get an input section along with a clear button. There is a list of other gematria ciphers covering English, Greek, Roman, Hebrew, and other gematria. Here is a list of the best free online gematria calculator websites. Gematria is a method in which numbers are assigned to letters, words, and phrases. It is to find hidden meanings and relationships between words.

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