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      The most well-known example of Gematria is the Hebrew phrase Chai – “life,” which is composed of two letters totaling 18 letters. If you liked this article and you also would like to collect more info about web site generously visit the web site. This makes the number 18 a “lucky number” among Jews, and gifts in multiple sets of 18 are quite common. However, as a Jewish spiritual tradition, gematria is essential to Kabbalah. The Kabbalisticcosmological system is built on the idea that God created the world using the power of Hebrew letters and their numerical relevance. You can find the Full Reduction Gematria in the form of English alphabets.You are given the corresponding numerical values to the first nine words of English alphabets. We are repeating the numeric values to the next nine words, and you would have noticed the value so the English word “z” is “8”. This is also the best Cipher of Gematria Calculator, it is quite easy to understand, it has number codes with the special trigonal code formation method, we can understand the code formation of this Cipher by seeing the table of this Cipher. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a specific numerical value, which can vary depending on the system being used. For example, in the Hebrew gematria system, the letter aleph is assigned the value of 1, while the letter bet is assigned the value of 2. Overall, gematria is a system that has been used for centuries to find connections and uncover hidden meanings in texts, and it continues to be used by a variety of cultures and traditions today.

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