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      <p>In accordance with the purpose of giving mathematics in schools, we can see that school mathematics plays a very important role. Students need mathematics to meet practical needs and solve problems in everyday life. For example, can count, can calculate content and weight, can collect, process, present and interpret data, can use calculators and computers. In addition, in order to be able to take further mathematics lessons, it helps to understand other fields of study such as physics, chemistry, architecture, pharmacy, geography, economics, and so on, and so that students can think logically, critically, and practically, along with having a positive and positive attitude. creative.</p><p>As an Indonesian citizen who has the right to education as stated in the 1945 Constitution, of course he must have a minimum of general knowledge. The minimum knowledge of which is mathematics. Therefore, school mathematics is very meaningful for both students who continue their studies and those who do not.</p><p>For those who do not continue their studies, mathematics can be used in trading and shopping, can communicate through writing/images such as reading graphs and percentages, can make notes with numbers, and others. If you pay attention to various mass media, information is often presented in the form of percentages, tables, and even in the form of diagrams. Thus, in order for people to get the correct information biodata angga yunanda from what they read, they must have knowledge of percent, how to read tables, and also diagrams. In this case, mathematics plays an important role.</p>

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