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      <p>Greetings to all forum members! I have a problem with VMDK files of virtual machines getting lost or corrupted. What are some effective methods to recover data from such files? I would be grateful for any information and advice!</p><p> </p>

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      <p>Good day! Recovering data from lost or corrupted VMDK files can be a difficult task, but there are effective methods for vmware recovery. First, you can use specialized software tools, such as DiskInternals VMFS Recovery, which are capable of scanning and recovering data from corrupted files. These programs can use a variety of recovery methods, including analyzing the file system structure and searching for lost data.</p>

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      Sku Tufik

      <p>To supplement the answer. In addition to software, you can also use methods to recover data from backups. If you have regularly backed up your virtual machines, then if your VMDK files are lost or corrupted, you can restore data from those backups. It is also important to keep in mind preventive measures such as regular backups and software updates to minimize the risk of data loss.</p>

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