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      <p>Egress windows are necessary if you use your basement as a bedroom, office, TV room, or workshop. An egress window, or a window large enough to be utilized as an escape during an emergency, is required in every room where your family lives or often uses it. Egress window prices range from $2,544 to $5,302, with a national average of $3,904 according to HomeAdvisor. The typical cost includes supplies ranging from $100 to $700 per window, as well as installation costs ranging from $100 to $250 for glass block basement windows. The overall cost of purchasing and installing windows is determined by the size of the windows, the total number of windows, the kind of window, the brand, and the cost of removal and replacement. If you need to make a hole in a wall or excavate to get to something, Expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 per window to install egress windows in your house.</p>

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