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      Discipline is a choice, not a legacy. Discipline is not an inborn human characteristic. To be disciplined or non-disciplined is a choice you make every minute and every hour of your life. Discipline is nothing more than the process of focusing on any chosen activity without interruption until that activity is completed. Discipline is something you do and not something you have.

      The definition of celebration that I like is “to observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony, festivity, and rejoicing.” Of course, celebration means a different thing to each person and how you celebrate is a personal thing.

      If success is your desire, take the time to feed your mind the right programming. It is recommended in Dr. Helmstetter’s book that you come up with several self-talk statements that give your brain precise instructions to achieve your new behavior. It is recommended to write 12 to 16 statements and programming your mind with these new messages 3 to 4 times a day.

      There is arguably not any subject on the planet that will evoke an immediate response from young and old alike, than that of wealth and money. Some of the more fortunate amongst us, were born into Wealth Activator Code Reviews, whilst many others have used their exceptional talents and abilities to make it big. There are also those who unfortunately have to work very hard indeed and yet never seem to have enough money to go around.

      I am on a passionate mission to assist those with a true Entrepreneurial spirit to learn how they can achieve their goals and live the life as it is intended to be. If you are one of the few who have this level of passion for your future and the future of your family, then I am here.

      It is a study of personality and what are the underlying factors that make people extremely successful at what they do. Get an insight to why they have made it as far as they did and maybe you can then compare to yourself. This way you might find a shortfall in your life and plug the leak with a change of attitude and maybe even a change of mindset.

      By the time we are three years old each of our one hundred billion neurons has created a connection to approximately fifteen thousand other neurons, each of those having the same number of connections with other neurons. Just imagine the incredible complexity of a network of living cells that large. That’s one million billion connections, and a whole lot of processing power. It is these networks that give us our ability to think, feel, remember, and be who we are.

      Sure, training, new knowledge, experience, intelligence, all of these can help improve my ability in a given talent, but if that talent is not supported by a high-speed, high-bandwidth connection, than I will never reach genius levels of performance. At best I might develop a moderate or even sufficient degree of ability, but no amount of conscious effort will magically turn my dial-up connection into a cable router.

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