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      <p>Amazon has a number of useful builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected, the more common being the Bowazon, which helps you kill single-target bosses more easily. And it works very well in both PvP and PvE.</p><p>In terms of stats, you need to get more bonus armor and damage, so you can add your extra points to the Dex. On the Vitality side, you can set your points between 50-100. On the Energy side, you don’t need to add too many points, because you can draw mana through equipment.</p><p>In general, Boazons rarely take damage, so don’t have a huge requirement when it comes to gear. But if you use Windforce or Lycander’s Aim bows to make you better, rune words like Dream (helmet), Durress (armor) or Harmony (bow) work equally well for Boazons.</p><p>Amazon is a ranged character and you need to keep your distance to maximize your output. So you can combine your Valkyrie with passive stats and just hit enemies. If you have tanks in your team to help you absorb damage, then you can defeat the enemy more easily.</p><p>Amazon is one of the most used classes in the game. Although there are not many requirements for items, if you have good Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items, it can make him even better. Because these items can provide more attributes for characters, they can greatly improve the characters and make their combat effectiveness stronger.</p><p>Although these D2R Ladder Items can be farmed in various areas of the game, if you really want to get a good D2R Ladder Items it can take a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to get these D2R Ladder Items faster, you can come to MMOWTS. As a 100% safe and secure seller, they have a huge selection of D2R Ladder Items for sale in their store, no matter what item you need, you can find it there. If you want your character to be more powerful, visit https://www.mmowts.com/d2r-ladder-items to purchase special D2R Ladder Items!</p>

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