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      The letter F is transliterated to the Hebrew letter Peh (80) like the P. Finally the letter X is transliterated to the letter Samekh (60) like the S. Where x is the position of the letter in the language letters index (regular order of letters), and the floor and modulo functions are used. This is a simple PI (π) & English Gematria Calculator, which can be used to calculate the sum of any English words. We use Hebrew Pyramid Numerology, a sophisticated and potent technique, to provide accurate numerological answers. Many people benefit from the method of Hebrew Pyramid Numerology, which makes it easier to determine the internal number of each person’s given name. The Soul Urge Number is derived using all of the vowels (a e I o u) in the person’s name. Let’s calculate the number of vowels in a name, like Pankaj Kumar, as an example. Only you will understand what 666 signifies to you after you keep seeing it frequently. Although there are some broad interpretations of it, its true meaning is more individualized and unique. The spiritual significance of the number 23 is one of growth, progress, and transformation.

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