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      Many believe there are secret codes to be uncovered by interpreting the numerical values of the letters in the Bible. The kabbalists employ gematria to decipher the Torah and everyday events. The absolute or normative value of a word is calculated by treating each letter as a word and then adding up all of the numerical equivalencies of these letter words. Since some letters can be spelled differently as words, different numerical equivalencies can be achieved for a single word. Thus, the Tetragrammaton, yod, hei, vav, and hei, have the values of 72, 63, 45, or 52, each of which has vital significance in Kabbalah. Yo-Yoo.co.il offers a simple online gematria calculator. When you do that, it instantly gets you the numerical value for your input in Jewish/Hebrew gematria. However, it does include a table showing the value of each English alphabet. Gematrinator.com is a free online gematria calculator website. The tool here has a neat and interactive user interface. It supports over 30 gematria standards covering Simple gematria, Sumerian (English) gematria, Latin (Hebrew) gematria, Primes gematria, Trigonal gematria, Fibonacci gematria, and many more. You can expand the list from the “Ciphers” button at the top and select the gematria that you need. You can also configure the options to change what information you want to see.

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