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      The last thing I was expecting from the creator Tango Gameworks was a vibrant and fun-loving action title with the heart of a cartoon I would’ve absolutely enjoyed. The studio’s primarily known for play octordle the dark and creepy likes in The Evil Within or Ghostwire: Tokyo, but Hi-Fi Rush is instead filled with a joyous, youthful character, evident in its striking illustrations, style of art and characters. It’s true that the change of pace has already been exciting, the most impressive thing about Tango is in the way it applies the unique idea that runs through Hi-Fi Rush’s style the idea that rhythm is everything.

      Straight from the start in the first few minutes, Hi-Fi Rush sets out its admiration for alternative and contemporary garage in the beginning, using The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” to introduce the sweet but annoying protagonist Chai and the vivid modern industrialized society he lives in. Labeled a “defect” by robotics megacorp Vandelay Industries after a surgical error leaves him with a iPod stuck in his chest, Chai can feel and sense the pulse from his music running through the world around him. From then, nearly everything is impressively driven by Hi-Fi Rush’s sound as this boyish goofball bashes Vandelay robots with a makeshift sword that resembles an Gibson Flying V.

      This exciting setup sets off the mood, and it’s only going to get better from there as Hi-Fi Rush layers on a fantastic team of allies, charismatic villains, and a flurry of explosive fights and, often, is wrapped with a powerful satire about our technology-driven dystopia. It’s done with ease and genuine moments. From a variety of angles, Hi-Fi Rush is able to show its unique and charming personality.

      At its best it creates a a unique harmonious flow where music guides you every step of the process. Chai always performs his moves according to the beat, regardless of the input time you use, making sure to stay in tune with the BGM’s BPM provides you with more damage rather than punishing any missed notes. Following the same principles as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta each battle in the nearly 10-12 hours of the campaign will be graded according to speed as well as elegance and the capacity to stay on the beat by combining attacks, however that constant connection to the music is the source of satisfaction that isn’t available from other action games that are stylish and elegant.

      This rhythmic approach leaves no unanswered questions about timing in combos. It will be able to pace itself in a way that allows space to think about each move that follows. Deciding whether I should go with an aggressive or light strike to mix up my combo string, dodge or parry to be prepared in anticipation of hitting targets, the grappling hook to make a gap smaller on the target, or even a call to have a friend break shields or stun enemies wasn’t a burden since I could easily move with the beat. It’s not a solitary pursuit of one idea or trick for any length of time, but instead, throwing in fresh ideas to experiment with before joining them all together for me to test my abilities, that’s why I never felt as though I was hammering at the same basic rhythm in 4/4.

      I’m confident that Hi-Fi Rush could be a popular cartoon series. It’s got the highest quality animation and a cast of charming characters to cheer at, and villains to like to hate, all packed with good-natured humor. But on top of that everlasting charm, it turns a rock-infused soundtrack into the best weapon it can and puts great care into playing the beat in every aspect of the game. It creates a rewarding pace that other stylish action games cannot provide, even when the platforming and targeting system lose just a few notes along its path. Hi-Fi Rush is a memorable journey that marches to music of its drum . It is without doubt among the action greats.

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