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      Daisy Patrick

      <p>Secondary school mathematics education is an important part of preparing students for the world beyond the classroom. This Thread provides an overview of how to create a Wikipedia page for a school :</p><p>1. Choose a suitable topic for your page. Consider topics related to mathematics education that are of interest to secondary school students.</p><p>2. Do some research on the topic. Look for reliable sources of information, such as textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites from educational institutions.</p><p>3. Create an outline for your page. Include sections such as an introduction, history, topics of interest, and resources.</p><p>4. Write the article. Use a neutral, factual tone and cite sources where applicable.</p><p>5. Add images and external links. Include images related to the topic and links to other websites that contain more information.</p><p>6. Check your page for accuracy and neutrality. Use the Wikipedia style guide and consult with other editors if necessary.</p><p>7. Submit the page for approval. Provide a brief description of the page, and then submit it to the Wikipedia admins for review.</p><p>also add an opening sentence</p><p> </p>

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