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      There are more choices in this situation. You could cut back your hours, build a pat-time at home income, get a second job, take a leave of absence, Enochian Manifestation Reviews ask for a transfer, go to night school to learn another profession, and the list goes on.

      If I said I was going to do something, then I did it, and I did it to the best of my ability. If I said I was going to be someplace at a certain time, then I was there, and I was there early.

      This way, they will always be needed. I saw a company go through some very tough times recently because a couple of people who wanted to protect their jobs, actually left the company, and the rest of them didn’t have a clue as to what to do. We must share ideas, we must share thoughts and we must work in the very spirit of teamwork.

      These mental capabilities readily translate into physical capabilities, giving mental focus to run faster, jump higher and have ambition and a drive for life that most of us cannot understand.

      You are the death of the party. You cannot seem to explain it but you are never in a good mood. You see the bad in everything and shun people away. You prefer to sulk in your corner of the room and let the world pass you by and unpleasant is how others would describe your company.

      Stop thinking about things and putting them off and start doing. When you are just lazing around wistfully asking yourself why you didn’t get that promotion at work, or why the woman of your dreams went for another man – look at yourself. You are the biggest cause of your downfall and it is time to start some momentum going and launch yourself into new perspectives.

      It is just as easily created as the “Living Hell” that so many find themselves in everyday. Have you ever tried to make a miserable person happy. It is quite the task. Negative people make all the excuses in the world to hang desperately.

      In our enlightened, yet desperate attempts to spread the word of positive thinking, reality creation, and attracting happiness, we need to understand our whole selves. There is no right or wrong thinking… we are just expressing whichever thought process that we have to in this life, at this moment, and in this incarnation to be balanced.

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