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      A clean environment does not only make anyone who sees it feel comfortable and safe. A clean environment will also provide many benefits, including disease control. Because we know that a dirty environment is a nest of many dangerous disease germs.

      Therefore, it is strongly recommended to maintain good environmental hygiene in living a healthy lifestyle. How to? Because the environment is a vast place not only nama perempuan around the house. However, by focusing on ways to maintain the cleanliness of the environment below, we can certainly take good care of it.

      1. Starting from the Home Environment
      The simplest thing we can do to always keep the environment clean is to maintain the cleanliness of the house and yard. Because the cleanliness of the house and yard will make us more accustomed to cleaning other environments. Make sure we always sweep the house at least twice a day. Sweep the home page at least twice a week.

      2. Recycle
      There are many types of waste that will pollute the surrounding environment that can actually be recycled well. For example, using used cans and bottles to be used as any container. Used cans can be turned into a flower pot and we can even decorate it. This will be a positive thing compared to letting it be a pile of garbage.

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