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      <p>Knowing education in Indonesia, of course, refers to the concept of Tamansiswa education which is named the Tri Center for Education, which is an implementation of education by involving the family, college, and community realms to form superior, virtuous, and intelligent human beings both physically and mentally.</p><p>In Ki Hadjar’s book A Memoir, Ki Hadjar explains that before getting to know the world of college and society, children must first be introduced to the family realm. The reason is simple, because the family is the first nature that must be prepared to educate and prepare future generations.</p><p>Ki Hadjar considered that the first school was actually a family. Children as students, their families as students who guide, direct, and provide life lessons for the first time. So that education in the family will have a big influence on the development of students in the future.</p><p>Only after the family realm, there is the college realm. Namely, official educational institutions that are very important, because it is through the nature of this college that a student will be given various kinds of knowledge. This aims to improve the quality of public education by providing classrooms where children learn in a calm and comfortable manner.</p><p>After the children get a lot of subject matter in the college world, the next step is to invite the children to practice the knowledge they have gained from the family and college worlds into the community. Precisely, in the context of the wider environment, outside the family and school environment. It is closely related to biodata shin min ah the ethics and morals of society as a good social control.</p><p>Thus, the axis of education in Indonesia is actually focused on the Three Education Centers promoted by Ki Hadjar Dewantara. Namely, introducing students to the realm of the family, the nature of the college, and the realm of society. These three are what help students get a good education pattern to improve their mental intelligence and character.</p>

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