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      Military time is a 24-hour clock designed to avoid confusion between daytime and nighttime hours, since the armed forces are in operation around the clock. UTC is the time standard used in clocks around the world. It is used for international coordination because with UTC there is no risk of confusion about the various time zones. UTC in any locality is designated as UTC- in the west or UTC+ in the east. Though it may seem technical to civilians, military time is simply based on a 24-hour clock rather than a 12-hour clock that repeats with am and pm. While some services refer to midnight as 2400, 0000 is more accepted around the world. As the day is approximately 24 hours long, on the military time clock, the day begins at midnight – 0000 in military time – and ends at 2359. In order to avoid continual changing of time as one travels east or west standard time zones are introduced. The first option for converting from civilian to military time is to use a military time chart, such as the one in the image below. With military time, the day starts at hours and ends at 24 hours. Designation, just the one 24-hour period that occurs once a day.

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