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      This system was defined by the different amounts of light intensity that was present during the day and season. The constellation patterns would eventually develop into a year with 360 days. When the hour is greater than 1200, subtract 1200 to get the standard time in P.M. For example, at 1500 military time, the standard time is 1500 minus 1200, or 300, which equates to 3 P.M. By the same token, military time begins from 0000—midnight—and finishes with 2400. Among the many things you have to learn when you are in the military, the most important job to know is how to pronounce and read the time. Just as there is specific jargon and lingo that you, as a service member, have to be aware of, there is a particular way to tell military time. To avoid confusion, in these matters, the military uses the time in Greenwich, England, which is commonly called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Military refers to this time zone as Zulu Time, and they attach the “Zulu” (Z) suffix, to ensure the time-zone referred to is clear. Emergency services such as nursing homes, hospital wards, and intensive care units also use the 24-hour clock but do not refer to it as military time. It’s 2300 hours here in Oklahoma and it’s time to turn in and begin the day tomorrow at 0630. Now go forth and never be flummoxed by military time again. There are other time zones that the military references, but Zulu is the most common. Once you get used to working in military time, using the 12 hour clock feels wrong. There is definitely an adjustment period, but once you master it, you will never look back. The difference between 4 am and 4 pm in military time is twelve hours. You can visualize this difference by seeing how 4 am and 4 pm are written using military time below. Military time format uses 24 hour time format instead of 12h am, pm time format. If you work in a job that requires you to use military time it can be a major headache, especially when you are not good at numbers like me. Thankfully someone gave me a military time conversion chart, which I use all the time now.

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