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      Military Time Chart is what you need to convert a specific time from Military Time Format to Standard Time Format. Military Time Conversion Chart can help you with basic conversions, and that’s why I created a simple chart with an explanation to better understand how to convert specific hours. Although the phrase “military time” is commonly used, this time system was not invented by the military. The 24-hour clock had already been employed throughout Europe for years before the U.S. military adopted it. The use of military time helps avoid any misunderstandings between am and pm times. The history of military time can be dated back to the Early Egyptians in the 11th Dynasty. The first appearance of a 24-hour clock was found on a coffin lid which is famously known as the Diagonal Star Table. The Egyptians synchronized the time system with certain patterns of constellations that passed through the sky at night. This system was defined by the different amounts of light intensity that was present during the day and season. The constellation patterns would eventually develop into a year with 360 days. With military time, the day starts at hours and ends at 24 hours.

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