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      For example, to convert 3 pm to military time, you would take 3 (the unit number of the pm time) and add 12 to it, so it becomes 15, or 1500 (15 hundred hours). Of course, it’s much more practical to know an easy way to convert to military time rather than relying on a table as listed above. While military time is often referred to as 24-hour time, there are actually some differences between the two. In the event you loved this information and you wish to receive more info regarding military time chart assure visit the webpage. See the example below for the difference in formatting between a 24-hour time and a military time. For easy reference in communications, a letter of the alphabet has been assigned to each time zone. Military time (MT) is, like it sounds, the conventional way of telling time in most militaries. It is used by militaries to eliminate the possibility of confusion when transferring scheduling information. When used properly, it eliminates the need to specify whether an event or action is to take place in the AM or PM. Step-by-step conversion is the most time consuming way of converting military time. The illustrations below are examples of military time charts. All using military time will synch their clocks and watches to a master clock. The Department of Defense (DoD) uses one clock, also known as the atomic clock (mighty cool nickname), to ensure pinpoint accuracy and that all teams are using the exact same time. The Precise Time Department (PTD) part of the U.S Naval Observatory has maintained a Time Service Department since 1880. Modern electronic systems like navigation depend heavily on precise time and time interval (PTTI) and work from what we now call the USNO Master clock. Converting from Military time to 12-hour (AM/PM) time is a straight-forward equation with the hour format (HH), and minute format (MM) and a few military notations. In the United States, NASA uses military time down to thousandths of a second. While the U.S. military and militaries around the world use military time, so do other large operators whose business takes them through different time zones.

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