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      From sharing an armrest to being cramped up for hours on end, there’s many things that are uncomfortable about flying.

      But there’s certain ways to make long-haul flights more bearable,  including being courteous to fellow passengers, which can include keeping your shoes and socks on, not playing music without headphones and keeping your feet within your seat.

      Unfortunately, many people aren’t considerate to other passengers when flying, with people sharing snaps of the rude behaviours inflight, which has been compiled by online by DeMilked. 

      One person shared a snap online of a toddler scribbling all over the plane, while another said they couldn’t watch any in-flight entertainment because another put their hair all over the screen. 

      This is not a colouring book! One parent let their toddler draw all over the plane during a flight, much to the cabin crews’ annoyance 

      Man spreading! One person, from Philadelphia, shared a snap of themselves being squashed by another passenger 

      Airing dirty laundry! One person used the plane’s air conditioning to dry out their underwear

      One passenger was left with little space when the person next to them spread their legs into their seat, while another spotted an influencer making a TikTok on board.

      Some people even used the flight to, quite literally, air their dirty laundry – with one person drying their underwear on the flight’s air conditioning.

      While another person shared a snap of a very messy floor left by rude passengers.

      This is not a yoga class! One person appeared to practice their chair pose in flight

      Keep to yourself! Another person was caught cramped after the person next to them spread out

      Are they expecting room service? One person left their finished tray in the aisle of th plane

      Do not put your feet up! Another person, from the US, put their bare feet on the fold out table

      One post, shared by LA-based account Influencers In The Wild, appeared to be making a TikTok in flight

      Another person, from the UK,  spilled their food all over the flight floor, and didn’t clean it up

      Getting comfy?  Another passenger on a flight in France appeared to leave their bra on the flight

      Acting nuts! One person appeared to eat pistachios and then leave the shells on the floor

      Don’t mind me! One person spread their legs right across the aisle blocking anyone from moving 

      Hair Hair! This person, flying on a United flight, put their pony tail all over their headrest

      Messy! Another person left their mess all over the floor of their flight

      Board behaviour! Another person laid down while everyone had to walk and queue around them

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