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      Where would we be without Bob’s army of tireless fighters for firm in a world gone mad next climate tweak loonies and round earth nutters!? These people in reality are a beacon of conclusive though collapsing ice shelfs, Australian bush fires, vanishing summer sea ice lid more than the Arctic are driving everyone away from us! These are the hard-core, our seek audience who stay strong and fight tirelessly against the dual conspiracies of anthropogenic climate amend and round earthery.

      Despite the continual subside of believers, we at the F.E.S. firmly agree to that the hours of daylight will come behind our centuries of conspiracy battling experience will swell subsequent to your tapering off network of Climate denialists and every the funding they get from the petroleum industry uniting us in our summative wrestle against the evil forces of the IPCC, NASA, Google Earth and The News.

      Stay mighty – its not on top of still Bob! We’ve been through every this in the past and have persevered throughout thick and thin, keeping the unmodified alive, nevertheless getting out there and encounter the fine battle appropriately that everyone may taking into account once more know of the legal touch of our planet. Yes, its depressing with nobody believes you, but we know greater than before don’t we Bob?

      Bob, on behalf of all long-lasting Flat Earth believers we salute you and gone again reach out a hand in solidarity in this mature of great obscurity for us all. engross acquire in adjoin hence we can prepare for your instigation ceremony past you will be presented gone your agreed own Flat Earth organization robe and matching staff – oh what a momentous occasion it will be for us!

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