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      <p>Fildena double 200  is the strongest medicine you can take to get your penile hardness back to normal. You can use this medicine if you have ED, which stands for “erectile dysfunction.”<br />When men have ED, they can’t get a hard erection because the problem is in their penis. There are both physical and mental reasons why you might be having ED.<br />But no matter what the reason is, you can still use Fildena 100 as long as you also have the support of your doctor.</p><p>If you want to use this medicine, you should ask a doctor if this is the right amount to take.</p><p>In this section, we’ll talk about other important information you should know if you use this drug.As for “Fildena 100  uses,” it only applies to situations where a man is having trouble getting or keeping an erection.Doctors don’t tell other people to take this medicine. The best way to use it is to take just one pill once every day or so.</p><p>If you use more than this, you will see results. If a patient has a mild case of erectile dysfunction (ED), doctors may tell them to take Fildena 200 pills, but only if they give their approval. Remember that there is up to 200mg of regular Sildenafil in each pill, so it could also lead to a high dose.</p>

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