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      <p>The function of mathematics is as a medium or means for students to achieve competence. By studying mathematics, it is expected that students will be able to master a set of predetermined competencies. Therefore, mastery of mathematical material is not the ultimate goal of learning mathematics, but mastery of mathematical material is only a way to achieve mastery of competence. Another function of mathematics as a tool, mindset, and science or knowledge. The three functions of mathematics should be used as a reference in learning school mathematics. By knowing the functions of mathematics, it is hoped that we as teachers or managers of mathematics education artis can understand the relationship between mathematics and various other sciences or life. As a follow-up, it is hoped that students will be given explanations to see examples of the use of mathematics as a tool to solve problems in other subjects, in work life or in everyday life. But of course it must be adjusted to the level of student development, so that it is expected to help the learning process of mathematics at school. Students are given the experience of using mathematics as a tool to understand or convey information, for example through equations, or tables in mathematical models which are simplifications of story problems or other mathematical description questions. If a student can perform calculations, but does not know the reason, then of course there is something wrong in learning or there is something biodata amanda manopo that has not been understood. Learning mathematics is also the formation of a mindset in understanding an understanding as well as in reasoning a relationship between those meanings.</p>

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