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      <p>Silditop 100 triggers a physiological response. Nitric oxide, a substance often generated in response to sexual excitement, is responsible for the beneficial effects on smooth muscle recreation. An erection can be detected by the regular occurrence of a state in which muscle relaxation enables increased blood flow to certain parts of the penis. In men, Silditop is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) and arterial hypertension due to chronic kidney disease. Because of this, you may rest assured that we were acting within the law when we provided you with Silditop. This allows to get and keep an erection.</p><p>What are the effects of Silditop 100mg Tablets?</p><p>Increased blood flow to the penis is made possible by the muscle cells in the blood arteries relaxing due to Silditop. Flow of blood to the genital area causes an erection. As a result, the increased blood flow improves the likelihood of achieving and keeping an erection.</p>

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