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      <p>When then-high school student Isha Sanghvi saw that her younger brother’s public elementary school did not offer a hands-on, engaging science curriculum, she became concerned about the future of his education. Due to the large age difference between her brother and her, she considers herself to be a third parent to him. When going over his assignments, she noticed that her brother’s science courses mainly centered around coloring worksheets and cardboard robot projects.</p><p>Although Sanghvi lived in an affluent neighborhood in the Bay Area, there were few opportunities for students in the public school system to receive a quality science education.</p><p>In 2016, she began investigating what equitable science opportunities would be available to less advantaged communities and realized that most high-quality science programs were expensive, and students would miss out on learning opportunities.</p><p>Additionally, Sanghvi said she came to understand that current science curriculums offered do not connect science to students’ lives and rather focus on reaching learning benchmarks and end-of-the-year goals. As a result, Sanghvi and her friends decided to create an afterschool program at her brother’s elementary school called Stemnova.</p><p>Stemnova, a grassroots STEM education nonprofit, quickly became sought after by many parents in her hometown, with the city of Fremont contacting her and asking if the program nama bayi islami 3 suku kata could be brought to more schools. Stemnova then expanded to assist family shelters and shelters for those experiencing homelessness and two years later hosted a 650 student hands-on learning STEM competition at the team’s local high school.</p>

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