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      <p>Giving examples in learning mathematics is something that is naturally done by teachers in the classroom, but what is of concern is how the perception of teachers who use examples in learning mathematics is in the spirit of constructivism that is taught in the 2013 curriculum in Indonesia. This study aims to consider what teachers use in selecting examples and what obstacles teachers experience when choosing these examples.<br />The research method used is a case study qualitative research method. The data is then analyzed to determine the theme and see the relationship between the themes.</p><p>The subjects of this study were 22 teachers who used sample questions in classroom learning. The results of the study show: (1) it is important because it can facilitate teachers to instill new material and sharpen the understanding of concepts obtained from students; (2) there is a clear relationship between the teacher’s Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) and the use of examples provided by the teacher to students; (3) the obstacles ariel tatum experienced by the teacher in determining what can distinguish between the abilities of students between smart students and slow students with appropriate contexts and procedures and how to predict errors that students might make in classroom learning.</p>

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