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      Rachel Gomez

      <p>As a business owner, staying on top of your company’s finances is essential. However, storing all of that information at your business isn’t just impractical—it’s costly. Fortunately, QuickBooks cloud hosting makes the process easy. Use our ultimate guide to help you get started with confidence.</p><p>What Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?<br />Traditionally, business owners manage their accounting and bookkeeping files in-house, either in physical files or by storing those files on their computers. This ensures that the information is always at their fingertips—provided they’re at the office. QuickBooks cloud hosting makes accessing that information much easier. It’s a way to manage your business’s accounting and recordkeeping completely online. Instead of storing files and documents on your company’s computers or in bulky filing cabinets, you’ll manage your accounting on the cloud. Think of the cloud as a computer hard drive that lives on the internet. You’re able to save information there without taking up space on your physical computer. Even better, you’re able to Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely from any internet-enabled device. You’ll be able to stay on top of your company’s financial data even when you’re away from the office.</p><p>How Does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Benefit My Business?<br />QuickBooks cloud hosting does far more than simply give you access to your business’s information from anywhere in the world. With more businesses making the transition from 100% on-site workforces to flexible or even 100% remote work styles, accessing information from your office isn’t always practical. You need to have the option of going over your accounts and updating information wherever you are. QuickBooks cloud hosting makes that possible. You’ll be able to access information whether you’re working from home or in the office. But the benefits extend far beyond ease of information access.</p><p>Improves Information Security<br />Ordinarily, it’s up to the business to find ways to keep their QuickBooks data safe at all times. Cloud hosting providers take care of everything for you. They’ll implement the latest protocols to keep data safe and will be able to protect your data from the latest cyberthreats with ease. </p><p>Makes Collaborating with Team Members Easier<br />If your team is working from home, you can’t run across the office to ask a coworker to update something in the system. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, your entire team can make the necessary changes and view information as needed without setting foot in the office. </p><p>You’ll Have Access to IT Experts on Demand<br />Though it’s possible to design your own cloud hosting system, doing so also means implementing a complex and costly IT system to house and secure that information. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to consult with them during designated business hours. When you work with a hosting service, you’ll have access to those experts whenever you need them, even in the middle of the night.</p><p>Saves You Money<br />Hiring new employees is expensive! In fact, the average hiring process costs employersmore than $4,100 per employee. Though you’ll pay for the service, it’s far cheaper to use QuickBooks cloud hosting than it is to hire new employees to oversee everything in-house. </p>

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      Fiona Moon

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      Leslie King

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