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      A remanufactured engine will inevitably last significantly longer than a used engine, but a used engine is cheaper. If you beloved this posting and you would like to obtain much more data pertaining to web page kindly stop by the internet site. Forced induction is the process of delivering compressed air to the intake of an internal combustion engine. A forced induction engine uses a gas compressor to increase the pressure, temperature and density of the air. An engine without forced induction is considered a naturally aspirated engine. Split-cycle engines separate the four strokes of intake, compression, combustion and exhaust into two separate but paired cylinders. The compressed air is then transferred through a crossover passage from the compression cylinder into the second cylinder, where combustion and exhaust occur. A split-cycle engine is really an air compressor on one side with a combustion chamber on the other. In many situations our computerized inventory system allows us to sell you an engine or transmission out of a newer model vehicle based on the Hollander interchange database. This invaluable database is hugely helpful for auto shops and DIY mechanics as it offers a comprehensive list of engines and transmissions from newer vehicles that are interchangeable with older vehicles. Baton Rouge is known for its friendly people, great restaurants and outdoor sports like fishing. However, Baton Rouge is not known for having a large selection of places to look for used engines for sale. The fewer people that live in a city means fewer salvage yards and used auto parts stores in the area. Most salvage yards depend on walk-in customers to support the store with shipping parts being secondary for daily sales. Without a big population, it is more difficult for the used auto parts store to make money. Buying a remanufactured engine or a brand new engine from a dealership is the most expensive option. It also can be back ordered for many months or not available based on your vehicle’s year and model. For these reasons alone, many customers choose to save money by buying a used engine as it is a good balance of quality, price, and reliability. As a result of our dedicated remanufacturing process, we are the number 1 source of stock and high performance engines for sale across all the major domestic and import brands. In addition, we sell the most popular engine automakers like Duramax, Powerstoke, Cummins, Hemi, Vortec, and Triton. Despite our professional approach, we proudly provide affordable pricing plus offer a competitive price match guarantee.

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