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      Our barndominium floor plans echo the actual distinctive aspects of a traditional barn while keeping the style’s character and charm. Modern features are included throughout our plans to make these designs a functional and comfortable home. This house plans generally showcase a rectangular shape, gabled roofing, extended porches, and barn-style doors and windows. Our interiors typically feature an open floor plan to mimic a traditional barn’s open and airy nature. They also include soaring ceiling heights, lofts, and decorative exposed beams. With our barndominium kits, you can design flexible, custom floor plans that incorporate residential living quarters and recreation. Everything about our metal building kits is meant to be truly DIY (including the floor plan design process), but we don’t leave you alone when it comes to barndominium plans. We know most of our customers don’t have the experience we do, and we’re here to partner with you. Our experts walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to these low-maintenance metal building homes, from how many sq ft you need to where the countertops should be installed. These reinforced steel homes are a sturdier alternative to wood, which means they are lower maintenance and a greener, more ecological choice. Since the components are manufactured off-site, this translates into a lower overall cost and shorter time frame to completion. Whether you’re looking for a simple rustic look or a sleeker, more modern take, barndominium floor plans offer multiple options so you can create the perfect home that works for you and your family. House plan designers and builders alike took note of the cost-effectiveness of this home design, and thus barndominiums grew in popularity. As you explore our top 20 barndominium floor plans, you’ll see how they offer carefully designed homes with stunning curb appeal and top key features to satisfy any size family. If you’re an HGTV enthusiast or love home renovation shows like Fixer Upper, chances are you’ve heard of this term. However, if you’ve been shopping for house plans for a while, you may have seen ultra-unique unique residences have exploded in popularity.

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