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      Padel is the fastest-growing tennis sport worldwide and is often referred to as the “racquet sport” of the century. Padel has experienced rapid growth during the last 25 years – there are over 10 million players and over 4000 padel clubs around the world at the time of the previous year! The popularity is expected to increase.

      These are the reasons padel is so popular:

      Its simplicity has made it so popular. Padel is a simple sport to master even for those who are new to the sport. If you’ve ever played or tried other racquet sports like badminton or squash before, it will take only a few seconds to get a touch of the game. In comparison to tennis, it’s less technical and much quicker and easier to learn. The players feel more motivated and enjoy playing starting from the very beginning.

      Social Aspect
      Another reason for padel’s popularity is its social aspect. Padel courts are smaller than the tennis court which means that the distance between the players is smaller. Since the court is smaller, it facilitates more interaction between players. Thus, the core part of this game is social interaction which is what makes this sport so popular to practice! You can also spend some the time you spend with your family, friends as well as business partners or colleagues. Padel is an enjoyable and social game.

      Padel Is Not as Physically Exhausting than similar sports
      Padel is physically significantly less demanding as other racquet sports especially tennis. Even though, as a form of training sport, it offers a great aerobic workout, the sport is not so demanding on your body since it doesn’t require as much movement as similar tennis or racquet sports. Additionally, Read My Reviews Here the chance of injury is very low. This is that many tennis players over the age of 50 often switch to padel if they find that playing tennis is too much for their bodies. Of course it is possible to increase the intensity of your physical challenge, it is always feasible to boost the intensity of your training.

      Low Cost
      In comparison with tennis, padel is an affordable game to play frequently. While the costs for court rental are the same as tennis courts, there are 4 players on the court since the game is played doubles. This means that the cost per player is typically lower.

      In terms of construction, since padel courts are significantly smaller in dimensions as tennis courts, there is less space required for the construction of the courts. Because of their smaller sizes their cost and amount of required materials are also much less costly.

      While the scoring system and rules for the padel game are identical to those in tennis, the idea is completely different. Padel is an entirely different game. players can use the walls of glass surrounding the court to return the ball and continue playing the point. The possibility to keep playing the point after the ball has hit a wall glass makes the game have a completely different significance. There are two types of tennis court fencing offered by Tenniskit24. Panorama Fencing system offers an amazing view with a sleek design. glass panel connections are not vertical steel posts. The Standard Fencing system is more traditional and easy to use.

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