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      Rachel Gomez

      <p>The internet is more accessible than ever and tech giants are taking full advantage of it. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to work from home and use more internet services, thus we are seeing the rise of screen sharing apps, and various cloud gaming services</p><p>Microsoft Cloud PC is an upcoming service that puts Windows 10 in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.</p><p>What is Microsoft Cloud PC?<br />Cloud PC is an upcoming offering from Microsoft that gives you a cloud-based Windows 10 experience. It’s a desktop-as-a-service that is powered by Microsoft Azure.</p><p>Basically, you’ll be paying Microsoft to rent PC hardware and run Windows 10 OS on its servers. That being said, you can access your Windows 10 system from anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether you’re using an underpowered device. All the processing will happen on Azure servers and the UI will be streamed to your device. Cloud PC is meant to be platform-independent, and it would work on Windows, Android, macOS, and even iOS devices. It’s rumored that Cloud PC will arrive sometime around the end of June, and Microsoft will detail the service at the Build 2021 conference.</p><p>What does Cloud PC means for the users?<br />Over the past decade, we have seen users shifting towards mobile devices from laptops and desktops. That’s because smartphones can now take up processing tasks that were once only possible on a PC. That’s where services like Microsoft Cloud PCs come into the picture.</p><p>Maybe, you can settle with a big-screen tablet and use virtualized Windows 10 on the go to run your work-related apps and software. It’ll also be an easy way to use Windows 10 on a MacBook or Chromebook since the new M1 Macs have dropped support for Bootcamp. Cloud PCs will also pave the way for Win32 apps on the upcoming Windows 10X OS which doesn’t support them natively.</p><p>It also makes sense for Microsoft as the company can make more money off its operating system, which was once its primary focus. Users who buy a retail Windows copy pay a one-time cost and then enjoy free software updates thereafter.</p>

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