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      <p>To find reputable wholesale suppliers in your business, you must first understand your industry’s distribution networks. This is because the wholesale process comprises several players, with different wholesalers supplying different markets.<br />This implies that a product might pass via a variety of distribution channels on its way from the manufacturer to the retailer. There are several types of wholesalers to be aware of:<br />Manufacturer: On sometimes, you might want to buy directly from the manufacturer. This can arise while working with small or one-person manufacturers. In this case, your distributor also serves as your manufacturer.<br />Importer/Exclusive Distributor: A company that has the right to import and distribute a product in a certain country. The business may sell directly to retailers or distribute the goods to smaller local wholesalers or office products wholesalers association who then sell to retailers.<br />Wholesaler/Regional Distributor: These are wholesalers and regional distributors. These people look for boxcar-sized lots and distribute them to local wholesalers, who subsequently sell them to retail outlets.<br />Individual wholesalers known as jobbers provide daily supplies to local grocers and retail establishments.</p>

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