We lead workshops for school students, pre and in-service teachers and teacher educators in a scope of subjects which are vital for the learning of mathematics. In these workshops, we focus on tasks that are closer to the work of teaching and therefore, relevant for effective teaching and learning. The topics, date and other details of upcoming workshops and workshop conducted in the past could be accessed at the following links.


Workshop on Mathematics Laboratory

IMG_0692The mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material. We provide sessions cater towards the needs of mathematics lab. Here, we are working collaboratively with students as well as teachers to explore mathematics activities as well as what mathematics are working behind those activities.


Workshop for Students

student_KS_dharavi_board_2011Every year during the summer and Diwali holidays we conduct workshops for middle and secondary grade students. These workshops cover milestone topics from the school curriculum, such as fractions, ratios, proportional thinking, multiplicative reasoning, algebraic thinking, etc. The workshops, exercise an interactive mode where focus is given more on eliciting and building on students’ ideas.


Workshop for Pre-service and In-service Teachers

Tr_making_pt.pngInteractions with Mathematics teachers teaching in elementary, middle and secondary levels have been the priority of the mathematics education group for almost a decade now. We have conducted a number of workshops for government and experimental schools.  Our goals for these workshops involves – developing a profound understanding of mathematical knowledge required for teaching and finding places for students’ ideas, conception in instruction and planning.


Workshop for Teacher Educators

DSC02787We are working towards promoting collaborations with teacher education institutes that could sustain for longer periods, so that we can measure the impact and utility of the research exposure.



If you represent an educational institution and looking for a specific workshop for your students or teachers, please write to use at: or or drop a message here