Workshop for Teachers

Tr_making_pt.pngInteractions with Mathematics teachers teaching in elementary, middle and secondary levels have been the priority of the mathematics education group for almost a decade now. We have conducted a number of workshops for government and experimental schools.  Our goals for these workshops involves – developing a profound understanding of mathematical knowledge required for teaching and finding places for students’ ideas, conception in instruction and planning. We specialize in tasks for teacher education which revolve around actual pieces of instruction, such as,  studying live teaching, videos of teaching, transcripts of teaching, etc.  and artifacts of teaching, such as, students’ work, mathematical work on the blackboard, textbook pages, common error analysis, etc. We have begun working with pre-service teachers specializing in mathematics teaching with focus on developing mathematical knowledge of teaching.

Currently we are offering workshops on following themes:

  • Learning to Teach Mathematics
  • Learning to Solve Mathematics Problems
  • Understanding Indian teaching and challenges through teacher diaries
  • Developing and using mathematics laboratory at School

To find more about existing workshops, please visit our event page .  If you are interested in organizing a workshop at the educational institute that you represent, please write to use at: or or drop a message here