Student Workshops



Every year during the summer and Diwali holidays we conduct workshops for middle and secondary grade students. These workshops cover milestone topics from the school curriculum, such as fractions, ratios, proportional thinking, multiplicative reasoning, algebraic thinking, etc. The workshops, exercise an interactive mode where focus is given more on eliciting and building on students’ ideas.

There are no costs or eligibility criteria in terms of marks or grades to participate in these workshops.

In the past, we have offered workshops on the following topics:

  • Learning Fractions, Ratios and Proportions
  • Developing Algebraic Thinking
  • Developing Multiplicative Thinking in Learning Area and Measurement
  • Learning to Communicate in Mathematics
  • Learning Problem solving in Mathematics

Often we combine these student workshops with teacher workshops where teachers use these instruction sessions to ascertain more about math teaching.

To find out more about upcoming student workshops, please visit our event page. If you are interested in organizing such workshop for your students,  please write to use at: or or drop a message here