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Rachel Gomez

<p>QuickBooks Enterprise solutions are based on what is causing the issue in your system. Follow the troubleshooting method based on the problem you are facing in your system:-</p><p>Solution 1- Recreate Damaged Entitlement File <br />QuickBooks entitlement file stores the encrypted QBD installation information. The file contains the licensing and product information required to complete the QuickBooks validation process. Follow this solution for all your licensing and registration-related QuickBooks Enterprise issues:-</p><p>-Close QuickBooks Enterprise.<br />-Press Alt+Ctrl+Del and then click on Task Manager.<br />-Go to the Processes tab and find QBW32.exe. <br />-Select it and then tap on End Processes. Repeat this step for all other QBW32.exe files.<br />-Now press Window+R, and the Run dialogue box will appear.<br />-Enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6) and click on OK a dialog box will pop-up.</p><p>Right-click on the file named EntitlementDataStore file and select Delete.</p><p>Run QuickBooks again following the process of registering the application.</p><p>Solution 2- Save the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise File to Local Drive<br />Many users have faced QuickBooks Enterprise errors while accessing the file on a shared network without saving it on your local system. An unsaved file can either go missing or be damaged as multiple users can access the file on the network. Save your file locally and check if the errors still pertain.</p><p>This may help you,</p><p>Rachel Gomez</p>