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<p>Mama must have often heard these 4 magic words, huh; please, thank you, excuse me and sorry. If Mama often uses these words, your little one who likes to imitate will also say it and the longer it will become a good habit. This is the basis of courtesy or manners for your little one to grow up to be a great child.</p><p>You can also stimulate your child by teaching your little one to thank others around him. An example is the initiative to show gratitude to medical personnel, such as in nama bayi the video clip of Bebelac and Isyana Sarasvati “Show Your Greatness #TerimaKasihPahlawanHebatku”. In the making of this video, more than 1,600 children participated and expressed their sincere gratitude to the medical heroes who fought during the pandemic. Try watching the video right away, Ma, click here</p>