Jeenath Rahaman

Jeenath Rahaman is a doctoral student at HBCSE, working in the field of Mathematics Education and Cognition. Her research interests revolve around students’ understanding of measurement, multiplicative thinking, proportional reasoning, spatial thinking, geometry, and fractions, which she is studying through the lenses of cognition, visualization, gestures, embodied cognition, physical and practical resources of learning. These research interests have a major impact on her doctoral study, where she is examining students’ understanding of area-measurement through various lenses. Jeenath’s work is attempting to integrate the perspectives from the field of cognitive science to understand students’ learning of mathematical concepts.

Presently she is analyzing students’ data from two perspectives. In the first perspective, she is trying to understand the concept of area as a network of several other subconcepts in maths and how the network components impact students’ learning. While in the other perspective, she is trying to understand the cognitive nuances that might have an effect in students’ understanding of area measurement.

Jeenath is also an active resource person for conducting workshops on learning mathematics through Geogebra for teachers and students.

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