K. Subramaniam

My main work for the last decade and a half has been research and development on improving the learning and teaching of school mathematics. I have studied, along with my colleagues, how children can be helped to make the transition from arithmetic to algebra, how they can be supported in learning fractions and multiplicative reasoning, and how out-of-school mathematical knowledge can be related to school learning. I have also worked on developing models for in-service teacher professional development. I have authored text-cum-workbooks and teacher books on mathematics for students of Class 3. I have contributed to formulating education policy through my participation in the focus group on the teaching of mathematics, the syllabus committees for NCF-2005, the curriculum and textbook committees for the state of Maharashtra (since 2011). I am a member of the National Council of Teacher Education (2013-present). I have a B.Tech in Aeronautical engineering and an M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy. My Ph.D. dissertation was on aspects of the philosophy of history, with a focus on the Continental Philosopher Heidegger. Before joining HBCSE, I taught mechanical engineering at the college level.