Shikha Takker

Shikha Takker was a doctoral candidate in mathematics education at HBCSE. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Delhi University and a master’s degree in elementary education from TISS, Mumbai. Shikha has also taught mathematics to elementary school children for over three years, where she began to realize the issues of learning with understanding and legitimacy of students’ ideas in orchestrating their learning. This made her pursue research in mathematics education.

For her doctoral work, Shikha was examining teachers’ understanding of students’ mathematical thinking in decimal fractions, mainly to investigate and enhance teachers’ on-task decision making and its relationships with their knowledge of students’ mathematics. She has analyzed classroom data to understand the characteristics of the connection between teacher knowledge of students’ ideas and their practice.

Shikha has actively worked in taking sessions on mathematics teacher professional development. She supports teacher learning from studying their own practice: analyzing teaching, using artifacts from the classroom, unpacking student’s case studies, etc.

Shikha’s key areas of interest in mathematics education are understanding teacher knowledge through the lens of practice, designing and implementing students’ cases, mathematics teacher education and professional growth, decimal fractions, proportion, and early algebra.