Tathagata Sengupta

Tathagata is trained in Mathematics, specifically in Algebraic Geometry, where one works on geometric properties of abstract mathematical concepts such as curves, surfaces, higher dimensional spaces, and so on. Currently, his research interests mainly involve the question of mathematics, science, and technology education as a sociopolitical process. He is particularly interested in mathematics, science, and technology education as a historic site of conflict and crisis between contending social, political, and epistemic worldviews. In general, he is interested in questions such as ‘Why do people want to learn mathematics or the sciences?’, ‘Why do the rulers of our society want people to study mathematics or the sciences?’, ‘What is the relation of mathematics teachers and students with mathematical rules and rigor?’, ‘What are the different possible ways of looking at rules, rigor, and logic?’, etc. The purpose is to not just understand what is going on with math and science education, but also to open up collaborative spaces and practices that try to rethink the question of education as a social effort to ‘make humans who care about freedom’ – in a world that is clearly falling apart on multiple fronts – social, economic, political, as well as ecological.