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      A primary responsibility for all parents and guardians is to make sure their kids get the best education possible, thereby increasing their children’s chances of leading successful, independent, adult lives. Regardless of what grade level your kids are in fundamentally, Elementary through High school Graduation, you will find important steps all parents must take in order to help their kids do good in school. Unfortunately, many parents expect school teachers and school systems to carry the entire responsibility of educating their kids, allowing other activities and family matters to supersede this vital place of children’s lives. Therefore, what steps can you take, as the parent or guardian, to better enhance your children’s education?

      Communicate to your kids the value and significance of making an effort on a daily basis, setting achievable and attainable goals, being sure to lovingly encourage and praise your kids for each goal achieved. Some parents have a tendency to criticize and berate their children for grades received, labeling their children as “Stupid”, “Lazy”, and other demeaning names which only create poor self-esteem. Having high expectations for your children to “do their best in school” may only be accomplished by taking steps to build up your children’s self assured. While your son or daughter might be excellent in math or spelling, but struggle with reading or biology, be consistent within your praise for their good education skills. Remind yourself of the old adage, “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all”.

      Studies show that parents who create as well as manage family routines raise successful students, versus parents that do not. The research environment is an extremely important facet of providing your kids optimal opportunities for success in school. Where do your children study and complete homework assignments? Consider having your children study and do their homework at a table or desk, rather than curled up on the couch where they’re prone to fall asleep. Give a calm and quiet atmosphere to read or study, without the distractions of a radio or television playing within the background. Make it your family routine that homework assignments must be completed before play time with friends, chores, or any other activities.

      There are numerous benefits to providing your kids a Tutor. Providing your child/children a Tutor is an excellent way of showing your children that their school program is of vital importance to you, particularly if you did not receive optimal Education Services yourself, or you’ve got forgotten portions of subjects your children are currently studying. Opportunities for your children to receive direct, 1-on-1 tutoring, helps alleviates stress and worry for many children, and it has been proven to substantially increase grade scores.

      When was the last time you attended your children’s P.T.A meeting, or perhaps the Parent/Teacher Conference held at your children’s school? Waiting for your children’s school to inform you of how your children are performing or behaving in school, rather than your actively seeking consistent involvement, quickly teaches your children the wrong message. Spend ample time with your child’s teacher, through face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges, keeping yourself informed of your children’s progress at school. Set the right example, get involved.

      Family involvement takes into account a lot of things. Read to your child. Have your child read to you. Have your child see you reading. Limit time spent viewing television or playing online games. Take time to do activities together, such as playing cards or board games, gardening, going to the park or zoo. Find opportunities to use fun times as an educational tool for your children’s benefit, and additionally your own. It’s never too late to boost your grades.

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      Shack Wile

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